August 24 - October 19, 2024

SAH Method™
Teacher Training

The ultimate body-mind workout
for ecstatic psycho-spiritual expansion, delivered through a trauma-informed lens

The SAH Method™ boasts a 93% healing transformation rate
among students!

Learn to heal yourself and make a career helping others HEAL

celebrated by...

Become a radical catalyst for transformation.

Join our eight-week
SAH Method™ Teacher Training

  • Process the pain of the past and present
  • Root your body and mind in the here and now
  • Build resilience for the present and future

SAH = Somatic activated healing™

“I can't even tell you how many lives this Method has saved!” — Thais

Sessions begins August 24th, 2024


You missed out!

Pain is an inevitable fact of life.


Challenging experiences give rise to big emotions.

If left unprocessed, these emotions leave behind emotional baggage — a residue that chronically stresses our nervous system — cluttering and affecting our thoughts, words, actions, and life.

Traditional therapies use a top-down approach to healing: focused on changing the way we think to change how we feel. But this often requires mentally revisiting painful experiences, which can perpetuate the build-up of baggage.

The SAH Method™ utilizes a bottom-up approach: using the body and our feelings, rather than the specific thoughts, stories, or memories connected to them in our minds, to address our emotional baggage — changing the way we feel to change the way we think.

We do not need to revisit trauma
to heal from it.

As a Movement Healer, you’ll help your clients “drop the story and be with the feeling.”

Learn to create a safe space and offer guidance to help your students call forth, process, and release stored emotions from their bodies — without re-engaging with the narratives or memories associated with those feelings.

By removing the emotional charge of the story, you help your clients strip the PAINFUL memories of their power… and transfer that power to themselves!

Somatic Movement


Dynamic meditation

rhythmic breathwork

positive affirmation

Dance your prayers and open your heart with us in a journey of transformation that centers the body and spirit.

Through dance, we revive the forgotten languages of our ancestors, expressing what words cannot capture—our souls speaking through every movement and rhythm.

Why Choose SAH Method™ Training?

✨ Lead a Healing Revolution: This isn't just training; it's an invitation to become a pioneer in a healing dance that intertwines ancient wisdom with modern, evidence-based practices. Unlock and release the old stories that no longer serve you, transforming them into spiritual power.

✨ Join Our Community of Liberators:
Step into our vibrant circle of healers, seekers, and visionaries. Together, we create a sacred space of wisdom and warmth, fostering breakthroughs and deep emotional connections with each other and our deeper selves.

✨ Shape a Career That Resonates:
Forge a path that aligns with your deepest values—helping others, connecting to the divine, and healing through the transformative power of movement and emotion.

Get ready to:

✨ Release and Transform:
Learn to navigate life’s challenges with agility and grace, using your emotional intelligence to turn every encounter into a step toward liberation.
✨ Connect and Heal:
Discover profound connections as you engage body and soul, building resilience and finding peace in the present moment.

✨ Empower and Inspire:
Open your heart wider than ever before, step into your authenticity, and inspire those around you with your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Empowering Radical Responsibility for Emotional Well-being

The SAH Method™ provides a safe, non-invasive pathway to access and release the emotional baggage stored within our bodies. Designed with precision, our somatic movements and healing tools efficiently target the emotional residues linked to painful memories—without the need to revisit or relive the trauma.

This method leverages the power of activated muscle groups, coupled with focused breathing patterns and mindfulness practices. Together, these elements generate a gentle yet effective flow of energy that promotes the natural release of pent-up emotions, clearing lingering emotional baggage.

With regular practice, the SAH Method™ proves to be a transformative tool in the healing journey, facilitating profound growth and emotional release, resulting in a life rooted in deeper self-awareness and liberated well-being.

By activating specific muscle groups and engaging in targeted breathing patterns and mindfulness practices, this Method creates a gentle and natural flow of energy throughout the body that facilitates the release of pent-up emotions, and the removal of any lingering emotional baggage.


With regular practice, this Method is profound tool in the journey of healing and growth.

“This is honestly the most free I've ever felt in my body.” — Lesley

Five somatic dance coach certifications, 

multiple professional options

Ready for a career that aligns with your heart and improves the world?

This training offers a certificate that represents four professional titles to enrich your career, however Somatic Activated Healing™ fits into it.

Whether you intend to teach or not, the SAH Method™ has the power to transform your daily experience and help you take life to the next level!

SAH Method™

Spiritual Workout TEACHER

Movement HealING

Spiritual Dance

Learn over 50 dynamic trauma-informed healing techniques that can be custom combined in millions of ways to heal yourself and your community.

✨ Create healing experiences.
✨ Help resolve and process painful emotions.
✨ Release limiting thoughts and unhealthy patterns.
✨ Connect to and amplify your innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy.

Some describe this Method as an embodied ritual, a portal opener, or a way to dance with the unseen world. 

Others use it as a way to sweat out their prayers in a spiritual workout. 

But for everyone who practices, Somatic Activated Healing™ offers a transformative opportunity to come back to your body and experience whole-being healing.

Benefits of the SAH Method™

according to student surveys:

  • Enhanced Mental Well-being:
    Experience significant reductions in depression and anxiety, along with improved mental health and clarity.
  • Physical Health Improvements
    Enjoy decreased physical pain and lethargy, complemented by boosts in overall physical health and energy levels.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Growth
    Gain a heightened sense of resilience and inspiration, increased joy, and a deeper connection to your authentic self and expressive capabilities.
  • And Beyond
    These are just a handful of the countless 'miracles' reported by our students—transformations that redefine lives.

"Every time I leave a session I feel lighter and more at ease. The SAH Method™ is helping me come home to and find ease in my body one class at a time." — Danielle 


...feel stuck or unfulfilled and seek a career that integrates somatic methods, mindfulness, and trauma-informed tools for a deeper purpose.

...aspire to be a leader in the wellness community, guiding others toward healing and resilience.

...crave a profession that reflects your values, offering both freedom and flexibility in how you work and live.

...believe in a holistic approach to wellness, embracing a training that nurtures the mind, body, and heart.

...aim to spread joy and healing, enhancing well-being in your community and beyond.

...are ready to unleash your creativity and free your inner performance artist in a supportive environment.

...seek connection with like-minded individuals, building a network of friends, colleagues, and clients who share your passion for authentic living.

...understand and appreciate the therapeutic power of movement and music in healing and wish to explore its applications professionally.

...are prepared to let go of past burdens and embrace a present-focused life, loving and understanding your body more deeply.

...are committed to transforming not just your own life, but also the lives of others, from the inside out.

“It's really opening up everything for me in terms of pain reduction. The two times I don't feel pain are in a hot bath, and when I'm doing the SAH Method™” — Danielle B.

What past students are saying about
the Sah Method™ CERTIFICATION:


This workout heals my soul!

I am so touched by the power of this Somatic Activated Healing method. Thank you Sah, for having the audacity to create a method like this. BOLD, WILD, AND DEEPLY HEALING. You created a medicine for this world.

This training put so many pieces of this healing puzzle together for me. It opened my heart to a level of compassion that has been waiting for me for a long time. It felt like an initiation and a permission to show up as the healer I have aspired to be.


"The SAH method has opened the door for miracles and magic in my life - poetry started pouring out of me after a few days of regular practice and I hadn't written anything in years.

I didn't even realize how much stuck energy was blocking my full expression until after starting this practice. I'm so grateful for this practice gifting me immense expansion and liberation in my mind body and spirit.

I feel more settledness and peace in my body and feel more comfortable sharing more of myself authentically in the world which has opened the door for so many new opportunities."


“Somatic Activated Healing is a revolutionary method that supports us in doing just that.

It’s as gentle as it is wildly powerful - depending on your interaction with it and what feels right for you in the moment.

This method is about to make an immeasurable impact and I am humbled to bring it here to you as we connect in this space 💚.

The mystic medicine in this practice offers us an invitation to enter an ecstatic state and I smile at the opportunity to share that with you.”

The SAH Method™ is a powerful tool that can enrich the practice of:

Spiritual and Meditation Teachers

Psychologists and Social Workers

Educators of all kinds

Alternative Care Practitioners

Fitness and Yoga Instructors

Health, Life, or Career Coaches

Healthcare Professionals

Anyone interested in helping yourself and others to transform from the inside out... this is your moment!

No prior experience is necessary to become certified—

we welcome seasoned practitioners & newbies equally. 

All you need is an open mind & heart, plus the desire & discipline to learn!

Bring the SAH Method™ to your community! 

1:1 Private Coaching

Online or In-Person Classes

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Private or Group Therapy Practices

Health Spas and Resort Retreats

Group Classes

Dance and Yoga Studios

Spiritual and Meditation Centers

Alternative Care and Wellness Clinics, Rehab Centers

Anywhere people need healing! 

What past students are saying about
the Sah Method™ CERTIFICATION:


I can truly say I am beyond happy that I invested in myself like I did with this training. 

I knew when I was signing up that this was for me and for my highest good--what I didn't know was that I was going to heal in all the levels that couldn't imagine. I didn't realize how much emotional pain my body was in.

It unleashed me, it broke me free, it made me change the narrative. It was simply a unique healing experience. I am beyond grateful to the beautiful SAH.

I was so resistant to his teaching initially and now I can't imagine someone else leading and guiding me like he did.


“The SAH Method Teacher Training was beyond anything I ever imagined it would be.

The way in which the program is taught to self-heal while learning how to help others at the same time is amazing.

I learned a LOT about myself and my own personal challenges and then how to help others through this method. 

There was so much wisdom to be gained I am grateful for the ability to continuously revisit. Beyond that, the friendships and like-mindedness of our group of practitioners feels so good and everlasting!”


"My experience in the SAH Method teacher training has made me evolve tremendously.

As a student, I have so many take-aways from all of the lessons, as well as from the revelations that all of my peers experienced during the course. 

Each time I practice the SAH method I get tingling sensations in my body. Now I know when the healing is occurring. I know it is functioning and it becomes deeply transformational."

Transform Your Passion into Impact with the SAH Method™ Training

Unlock Powerful Healing Techniques:

Master a Healing Arsenal: Dive into over 50 transformative healing techniques, from ecstatic dance to dynamic meditation, and become a versatile healer equipped to change lives.

Command the Movement Language: Learn to choreograph healing experiences with 20+ movement sequences tailored to mend the mind, body, and soul.

Deepen Emotional and Psychological Expertise:

Harness Heart Languages: Explore the profound emotional connections through the four languages of the heart, enhancing your intuitive healing capabilities

Integrate and Heal: Master the emotional scale to blend shadow and light work seamlessly, promoting deep, holistic healing for you and your clients.

Trigger Deep Emotional Release: Empower yourself and your clients to rapidly access and release stagnant emotions using targeted somatic trigger words.

Elevate Your Leadership with Voice and Expression:

Amplify Your Influence: Use your voice as a powerful tool to lead transformative spiritual dance sessions, creating waves of healing energy.

Professional Excellence and Ethical Practice:

Set the Standard: Learn the essentials of healing etiquette to uphold integrity and professionalism in your practice.

Teach with Confidence: Gain expertise in facilitating impactful sessions, whether one-on-one or in groups, across both digital and physical spaces.

Market with Mastery: Elevate your presence with cutting-edge marketing techniques, including content creation and social media strategies that resonate and attract.

Build Healing Havens: Apply trauma-informed practices to cultivate spaces where clients feel secure exploring and releasing their deepest emotions.

Therapeutic Use of Music:

Curate Healing Soundscapes: Develop the skill to use music as medicine, designing playlists that enhance the therapeutic process and deepen the healing experience.

The Power of the SAH Method™ Teacher Training

As a trained SAH Method™ COACH,
you'll learn to integrate...

Somatic Movement


rhythmic Breathwork

positive affirmation

dynamic Meditation

Somatic Movement

  • Enhances the mind-body connection, promoting heightened body awareness and mindfulness.
  • Develops a deeper understanding of the body's sensations, movements, and patterns.
  • Provides insight into your body's unique needs, strengths, and limitations.
  • Assists in the processing and resolution of emotional blocks and baggage stored in the body after challenging, stressful, or traumatic events.
  • Cultivates emotional literacy, deepening your understanding and awareness of your emotions.
  • Disrupts numbness and cultivates sensitivity, preventing desensitization to your own suffering and the suffering of others.
  • Demonstrates effectiveness in addressing chronic tension patterns and reducing associated discomfort.
  • Enhances flexibility, mobility, and coordination.

Ecstatic Dance

  • Facilitates the entry into a state of trance, which has been recognized and utilized for healing purposes in various ancient cultures throughout history.
  • Helps you come back to your body, calms your nervous system, and generates a sense of safety within.
  • Boosts energy levels and revitalizes the body.
  • Allows for uninhibited, authentic, non-verbal self-expression.
  • Encourages self-exploration and the sincere expression of one's emotions.
  • Scientifically shown to have therapeutic effects for 95% of study participants with depression, anxiety, or trauma.

Rhythmic Breathwork

  • Inhalation is also defined as "inspiration." Inspiration is also defined as "in contact with spirit." Breathwork puts you in touch with your spirit.
  • Helps clear unprocessed energy in our body that hasn’t had the chance to complete its cycle through a physical release.
  • Stimulates the vagus nerve, which sends a message to your body that it is time to relax and destress. Vagal toning is directly linked to resilience (our ability to stay strong in hard times).
  • Scientifically proven to promote relaxation and mindfulness, and supports multiple aspects of physical health, including lung function, blood pressure, and brain function.

Positive Affirmation

  • Affirmations are a sacred utterance, a mystical use of language that has the psychological and spiritual power to help rewire your and your student's brains toward a healthy new inner vocabulary.
  • An invocation of the heart: speak your dreams into reality, sing your prayers, vocalize your healing.
  • Scientifically proven to create healthy neural pathways that orient us toward positivity, lower stress hormones, and help build resilience by developing vagal tone. 

Dynamic Meditation

  • Roots you in the present moment, so you can feel your emotions without being carried away by the stories or memories associated with them.
  • Helps you disconnect from numbness, rigidity, and rewires unhealthy mental patterns and conditioning.
  • Scientifically proven as a powerful tool in accelerating healing in mental and physical illnesses.
  • Moves you from a partial view of yourself and the world to a wider, more open view.
  • Develops your focus and concentration. A concentrated mind is a happy mind. A happy mind leads to a happy life.

The SAH Method™ connects us to a kinetic language that awakens, energizes, and amplifies the power in the four most essential qualities of our spiritual hearts:

the warmth of compassion, the open-heartedness of love, the ecstasy of joy, and the equanimity of wisdom.


This practice is less of a traditional “class” and more of an intimate, live performance art experience in which your combined efforts make you, at once, both the artist and the creation itself.

The SAH Method™ offers WHOLE-BEING healing

What past students are saying about
the Sah Method™ CERTIFICATION:


"When I started this training, I was experiencing self esteem issues, catastrophizing, moments of spiraling, and being plagued by a pit of despair. These are all things I wrote in the notes on my phone. Now my notes say things like "just because I'm afraid, doesn't mean it will happen" and "my feelings are not the whole truth."

My life has been changed for the better. Not only do I have the tools to help myself in dark moments now, I also feel a greater sense of purpose than ever before knowing that I can help people in ways that they want and need.

The amazingly powerful Sah Method and the deeply wise teachings of Sah D'Simone are blessings that will be with me, guiding me, for the. rest. of. my. life."


"Your SAH Method teacher training has stretched me, grounded me, taught me to honour all parts of myself and shared with me some profound pieces of wisdom which I have shared with others and have seen it impact them deeply. It's almost hard to express how much this training has transformed me.

When I have taught and have practised teaching the method with friends and family, I have seen people with tears in their eyes from the transformation.

I signed up to this teacher training through purely listening to my intuition and I am SO grateful that I did! Thank you!"


“Wow... you need to experience this method for yourself. It is so powerful and will leave you feeling amazing! And did I mention the fun factor involved? You will feel like you're at a dance party but it's much more than that, you are letting go of all that emotional baggage that has been weighing you down and making you feel so crappy.

With each practice, you will be peeling back the all the emotional layers of shame, anger, blame, fear etc. to make room for the emotions of love, joy, peace etc.

Come give it a try, you won't regret it and I can guarantee you will be hungry for more once you get a taste how good you will feel afterwards.”

“It’s like 5 years of therapy in 90 minutes!” - Tasha


Orientation and introductions

The Brahmaviharas and how they tie into healing

The emotional guidance scale and how to use it

The psychology of compassion

The movement language of compassion

The psychology of wisdom

The movement language of wisdom

The psychology of love

The movement language of love

The psychology of joy

The movement language of joy

The 5 most-researched meditation practices

The 5 most effective breathwork practices

5 powerful hip opening sequences

200+ mantras and affirmations 

Music theory and building playlists

How to teach the SAH Method in 1:1 private sessions, group classes, online, or in-person

How to step into your role as a spiritual dance coach

The psychology of healing

How to work as a healing facilitator

Spiritual hygiene for healing facilitators

Biz basics and self-marketing

Culmination Ceremony


This certification is a mix of recorded trainings and live sessions, featuring special guests.


recorded CONTENT


live Sessions w/SAH


month free Somatic Activated Healing MEmbership


guest teacher videos

Content is broken into digestible modules to work around your busy schedule.

Live sessions will be recorded and replay links made available


Your eight-week training will be 100% online, so you can join from anywhere in the world! 

Recorded modules: All lecture modules will be available to you in our student portal. 

 Live sessions: Each week, Sah will host a live class with a Q&A.
We also offer weekly live SAH Method™ practice sessions, guided by our certified teachers. 

In our live sessions, you and your cohort of classmates will learn and practice, with plenty of time to dive into each element, receive feedback, and ask questions.

If your time zone or schedule conflicts, a replay link will be provided after each session.


Homework: we'll provide materials to study and practice on your own, and invite you to submit periodic homework videos. 

Includes: access to our live sessions and recorded modules; our exclusive training manual; The SAH Method™ moves, affirmations, meditations, and breathwork libraries; music playlists; downloads; your cohort community, and more.  

At the end of your two-month training, you will be fully certified with four professional titles you can use to teach the Somatic Activated Healing Method™.

If you show up in full power and participate, you get certified!


“This Method allows us to not try and pretend our way through anything but to accept all parts of the human experience.” - Lena

MEET our founder,

Sah D'Simone is a spiritual revolutionary, mystic, artist, award-winning filmmaker, and the internationally best-selling author of Spiritually, We: The Art of Relating and Connecting From the Heart, and Spiritually Sassy: 8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers. He is well-known for hosting the top-rated Spiritually Sassy Show podcast and The Big Celebrity Detox on UK Channel 4, and for creating the Somatic Activated Healing (SAH) Method™.

Sah's profound expertise is rooted in a decade of experiential Buddhist practice, his extensive retreat experiences in India and Nepal, and his professional training in contemplative psychotherapy.

As a kinesthetic learner, Sah has danced into trance states since 2015, developing a deep understanding of the body-mind connection. This kinesthetic learning process inspired the formulation of his unique and critically acclaimed Somatic Activated Healing Method.

His trauma-informed approach is informed by his grassroots work in orphanages, homeless shelters, and rehab centers in Indonesia, Nepal, India, and the US. Sah works in the Spiritual Care Department at Cedars-Sinai Hospital (the #2 hospital in the US). His remarkable contributions to homeless youth in Venice Beach, CA, earned him the CARE award from the city and county of Los Angeles. He is also a guest teacher at Columbia University.

Despite his impressive professional journey and achievements, what truly defines Sah is his courage and resilience. From a young age, his life has been marked by battles with depression, anxiety, and addiction; yet, his unwavering will to keep living and helping others truly signifies his luminary impact in the fields of spirituality and trauma healing.

“Sah is a radical spiritual guide.” - Deepak Chopra


4x Meditation Author & Speaker, Healer, Theosophist, Host of The Modern Spirituality Podcast 

Choreographer and Movement Director

Author, Thought Leader, and Ayurveda Expert

Actress and Human Rights Activist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #129833

Writer, Teacher and Trauma Informed Healer

Co-Founder & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance LA

Reiki Master/Healing Arts Practitioner, Co-Founder/ Producer/ Spiritual Director @ Ecstatic Dance LA

Spiritual Mentor, Meditation Guide, and Artist

Writer & Creative CONSULTANT

licensed Therapist, Author, Poet, and Healing Artist

Professor of Mindfulness, Author, and Meditation Teacher

Sensuality and Dynamic Tantra Teacher, Actor, Writer, and Mystic

Master Breathwork and Meditation Teacher

(Somatic Experiencing Practitioner)

The Holistic Psychologist

Inventor, Seeker, and Entrepreneur

Author, Ritualist, Founder at Ancestral Medicine

Licensed Holistic Psychologist and Body-based Trauma Expert




  • All recorded modules & downloads
  • 9 live sessions with Sah
  • 8 live SAH Method practices
  • Online community of fellow students
  • Full certification! 



  • All recorded modules & downloads
  • 9 live sessions with Sah
  • 8 live SAH Method practices
  • Online community of fellow students
  • Full certification! 



  • All recorded modules & downloads
  • 9 live sessions with Sah
  • 8 live SAH Method practices
  • Online community of fellow students
  • Full certification! 




6 monthly payments 

  • All recorded modules & downloads
  • 9 live sessions with Sah
  • 8 live SAH Method practices
  • Online community of fellow students
  • Full certification!




6 monthly payments 

  • All recorded modules & downloads
  • 9 live sessions with Sah
  • 8 live SAH Method practices
  • Online community of fellow students
  • Full certification!




6 monthly payments 

  • All recorded modules & downloads
  • 9 live sessions with Sah
  • 8 live SAH Method practices
  • Online community of fellow students
  • Full certification!

Elevate Your Journey

Join Our Exclusive 3-Day Intensive Retreat in Los Angeles, October 11-13th, 2024

Dive deeper into your practice and elevate your teaching skills at our exclusive 3-day intensive retreat in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles. 

This immersive experience is a unique opportunity to practice live with Sah D'Simone, the visionary behind the SAH Method™.

Engage in hands-on sessions, lead practices alongside your peers, and refine your understanding of the Method in an inspiring and supportive environment.

This retreat is specially designed for all students of our certification program—both current participants and esteemed alumni.

It's a chance to reconnect with the community, rejuvenate your practice, and enhance your abilities to teach and transform lives through the SAH Method™.

Lunch, snacks, and drinks will be provided. Travel and accommodations not included.

We developed this offering as an invaluable opportunity to:

  • Deepen and renew your understanding of the Method
  • Practice in person with SahGuide and participate in student-led workshops
  • Develop community connections
  • Strengthen your personal and professional networks

What’s Included:

  • Live Sessions with Sah: Experience the power of live practice sessions led by Sah, gaining insights directly from the source.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Lead and participate in practices with fellow students, fostering a deeper understanding and refining your teaching techniques.
  • Deepen Your Mastery: Immerse yourself in advanced workshops that will take your grasp of the Method to new heights, ensuring you leave with enriched knowledge and skills.

Reserve your spot now

and join a group of dedicated healers at this transformative retreat, where you’ll not only learn but also live the teachings of the SAH Method™.

The SAH Method™ around town


✨ tired of "selling your days" for work that leaves you feeling unfulfilled...

✨ sick of talking about your problems and ready to finally work them out...

✨ called to a career in healing and psycho-spiritual expansion...

✨ excited about being on the cutting edge of healing... 

✨ ready to transform your life and help others transform theirs…

“The SAH Method gives you the backbone and courage to face and engage with ALL of life.” — Sah D'Simone

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use this certification?

Anywhere people need healing, honey! You can bring The SAH Method™ to any space that promotes health and wellbeing. 

We see a future where the SAH Method™ is on schedules in yoga and meditation studios, fitness centers, dance studios and gyms, one-on-one or group therapy settings, spiritual sanghas, live events and conferences, private retreats, et cetera. The sky is the limit for the ways this technique can be implemented! 

Please note that certain facilities require other certifications to teach group classes or privately, so consult with them about any additional qualifications they might require.

I have a busy schedule. How much time do I need to commit? 

Including live class time, pre-recorded material, office hours, and home study, you should plan to set aside 10-13 hours per week for this training. Of course, the more you put in, the more you get out! But you can do those hours whenever convenient for your schedule. 

Is this ONLY for healers? Or can anyone do it?

Honey, it's for EVERYONE! 

Even if you're not planning to teach, this healing method can carry you through your present healing and future hardships.

I have students who practice it with their partners and children.

I have students who just practice it for themselves.

I have students who want to share this as volunteer work.

I have students with already thriving careers who just want something extra on the side.

Whoever you are, whatever brings you here, if you want a healing antidote, the SAH Method™ is for you.

What does the certificate include?

You'll come away with a comprehensive understanding of the theory behind the four techniques and four components of the SAH Method™, and how to put them into practice to lead transformative and fun classes for yourself and your community.

  • Weekly live class sessions with Sah and expert guest teachers
  • Pre-recorded modules and expert guest lectures
  • The five most researched meditation techniques
  • The five most powerful breathwork practices
  • Our 20 unique movement sequences
  • 200+ mantras and affirmations
  • Guidance on owning your power as a teacher and holding space for your students
  • Priceless entrepreneurship and self-marketing advice
  • A community of like-minded visionaries all working toward a common goal
  • and so much more!

What can I do with this certificate?

This certificate confirms that you are fully trained and can teach the Somatic Activated Healing™ Method as a movement healer, SAH Method™ Teacher, Spiritual workout coach, and/or spiritual dance coach... whichever title would best support your business and goals!

Do you offer payment plans?


You can choose to pay once (in full), or spread it out over four, six, or twelve months. Whatever works best for you. 

One caveat: the 12-month plan cannot be combined with Early Bird Pricing.

When will the live sessions be, exactly?

Sah will host live class sessions once weekly across your 8-week program. The time and day of the week is TBD, depending on the availability of the group.

Live attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

All live sessions will be recorded and made available for replay afterward for all students.

My schedule or time zone doesn't work with the live sessions. Can I still get certified? 

We always encourage live participation, but all classes will be recorded and available for replay if you cannot make it on time.

How is this program unique?

The SAH Method™ is the first of its kind in combining somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, and affirmation in a formula geared toward whole-being healing and personal liberation.

It uniquely blends principles of Buddhist psychology and modern scientific breakthroughs in somatic healing and neuroscience for a next-level experience that has the power to radically improve lives.

In this training, you'll learn over 50 dynamic techniques that can be custom combined in millions of ways to create healing sessions and experiences that help resolve and process painful memories, limiting thoughts, and unhealthy patterns while opening up to and amplifying our innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy. 

Can the SAH Method™ be used with other healing modalities?

The SAH Method™ Teacher Training will give you a foundational understanding of the Buddhist psychological approach to the four qualities of the heart (inner wisdom, compassion, love, and joy), and over 50 dynamic techniques that can be custom combined in millions of ways to create healing sessions and experiences that help resolve and process painful memories, limiting thoughts, and unhealthy patterns while opening up to and amplifying our innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy. 

These tools and this Method can be adapted to benefit the practices of healers of all kinds, from reiki healers to yoga instructors to alternative health care professionals to bereavement doulas and everything in between, and our hope is that it will be!

Any Other Questions?

Hit us up, and a member of our team will reach out to help!

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Sah D'Simone